On Seeing Clearly…and New Perspectives

Cataracts, Clarity, Gratitude, Cataract Operation, Cataract Surgery by Susan Ingram

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.
– Marcel Proust

{3 minutes to read}  Over the past two months, I’ve had cataract surgery on both of my eyes. In the United States and other developed countries, this surgery is quite routine and typically related to the aging process. It is performed on patients when the natural lens of the eye starts to thicken and become cloudy, thus preventing them from seeing clearly. The surgeon replaces the faulty lens with a new artificial lens — and voilà — the patient can see clearly again!

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The “What-If?” Scenarios

The “What-If?” Scenarios by Susan Ingram

{4 minutes to read}  One of the most important functions I can perform for my divorcing clients is to help them work through the various “What If?” scenarios as they make their decisions in mediation. A “What If?” scenario is an exploration of various possible outcomes to a question that has been raised in regard to an important issue. Exploring the options will facilitate reaching the best decision for a couple.

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Divorcing Parents and College Costs

Divorcing Parents and College Costs by Susan Ingram

{3:30 minutes to read}    One of the most challenging issues for parents who have college-age children is how to handle the costs of their college education. This is a subject that has become more complicated in recent years as the cost of a college education continues to rise significantly. Estimated costs for yearly tuition and room and board for a state-run school are $20,000. Those same costs at a private college are typically anywhere from $45,000 to $80,000 or more.

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Life Lessons from a Knee Operation – Part 1

Life Lessons from a Knee Operation - Part 1 by Susan Ingram

{5 minutes to read}

My body has been teaching me a very powerful lesson that I am still in the process of deciphering. Although my thoughts are still percolating, I’d like to share my initial challenges and insights with you, my readers.

This part of my journey started about 4 months ago when I had an operation to have total knee replacement on both of my knees.

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Teaching Children to Have Healthy Arguments

Teaching Children to Have Healthy Arguments by Susan Ingram

{2:48 minutes to read}

These increasingly tense political times have ushered in a period of animosity and lack of discourse that is distressing to many people, including those of us who work in the field of conflict resolution. During this past year, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how we can maintain our humanity and civility while we are constantly being battered (from our President on down) with displays of abusive and self-serving conduct.

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Choosing the Right Divorce Mediator

Choosing the Right Divorce Mediator by Susan Ingram

{3:48 minutes to read}  If you’re choosing mediation for your divorce, in many instances it makes good sense to use a mediator who is also an attorney. An attorney/mediator who specializes in divorce law will be knowledgeable of the divorce statutes and case law, and can (and should) share that information with clients. Then, when the couple is ready to proceed with having their settlement agreement drafted, the attorney can prepare the agreement for them.

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Empathy or Sympathy: What’s the Difference?

{2:54 minutes to read}  With all the conflict and negativity in the world right now, I feel like a refresher blog on the subject of empathy is in order. I came upon this short video, The Power of Empathy, four years ago. It continues to be as delightful and fresh as when it first appeared. And, it accomplishes its task in only 3 short minutes of viewing time! So I invite you to click on the image below, enjoy the video, and then continue with the rest of my article.

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It’s That Time of Year for Getting Engaged or Getting Divorced

It’s That Time of Year for Getting Engaged or Getting Divorced by Susan Ingram

{3:06 minutes to read}  There are two trends that occur at the end of each year, and into the beginning months of the following year. One has to do with the demise of a marriage, and the other with the commitment to marry. While these are clearly opposite aspects of “coupled” life, they share a common factor that influences the outcome of each.

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