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Issues In Divorce Mediation

Susan Ingram | The Main Issues Addressed in Mediation

Divorcing couples seek out mediators because they want non-adversarial resolutions to the important issues that need to be discussed before they exit their marriage. Some of the decisions that have to be made may seem overwhelming, if not downright impossible. It is the mediator’s job to help the couple move through these difficult discussions – so that, together, they can remove the obstacles blocking their progress towards a mutually agreeable settlement.

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Seven Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Susan Ingram, Esq. | Seven Benefits to Divorce Mediation

As divorcing couples become more and more enlightened, an increasing number of people have become curious about the benefits of mediation and how they might be applied to their unique situation. In thinking about this issue, I’ve compiled a list of seven advantages to mediation over the traditional divorce process.

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