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How Is Mediation Different From Therapy?

How Is Mediation Different From Therapy? by Susan Ingram

{3:24 minutes to read}  Both mediators and therapists play important roles in helping couples who are experiencing difficulties in their marriage. When couples come to me for divorce mediation, I find that at least half of them have spent time, recently or in the past, working together with a therapist to try to save their marriage. I certainly view this as a positive sign. At least the couple has tried to work through the issues in their marriage, even if it didn’t ultimately work out.

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Can a Mediator be Omnipartial?

Divorce and Family Mediator, Susan Ingram, discusses maintaing impartiality while keeping parties balanced and informed during the mediation process.

{1:00 minutes to read}  I explained in my last article that I would be reposting two earlier blogs on the subject of mediator impartiality, since this topic is of great interest to clients and professionals alike. The second blog was entitled “Can Mediators be Impartial and Address an Imbalance of Power?

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Mediator Impartiality: Is It Possible?

Can a Mediator Really be Neutral or Impartial? By Susan Ingram

{3:24 minutes to read}  Two of the most frequently read articles I’ve posted on my blog have addressed the subject of mediator impartiality or neutrality. While both articles were published nearly three years ago, this subject is as relevant and important today as it was then. And after re-reading these articles, I don’t think I could say it any better now. So, without further ado, here’s a link to the first article entitled “Can a Mediator Really be Neutral or Impartial”?

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Why is Mediation Often the Best Choice for Divorcing Couples?

Divorce and family mediator, Susan Ingram, shares her 9 top reasons she chooses divorce mediation over litigation.

{4:06 minutes to read}  There are many reasons for couples to choose to mediate their divorce as opposed to proceeding with a contested/litigated process. Below I discuss the top 9 reasons why divorce mediation is typically the best choice:

1. Expense: Mediation is much less costly than litigation.

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Divorcing Parents and Their Special Needs Children

Divorcing Parents and Their Special Needs Children by Susan Ingram

{3:12 minutes to read}   I just finished a mediation session with a divorcing couple who have a special needs child, in addition to two typically-developing children. While divorces involving special needs children are often complicated and involve more issues than the “normal” divorce, I find helping these families to be especially rewarding.

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I’m Right — and You’re Wrong!

I’m Right — and You’re Wrong! by Susan Ingram

{2:36 minutes to read}

I just attended a monthly peer group meeting with my mediation colleagues. One of the subjects that came up, and generated a lively discussion, was the need we humans have “to be right.” Which typically means that the other person must be wrong when he or she doesn’t agree with us.

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What Happens When Only One Person Wants the Divorce?

What Happens When Only One Person Wants the Divorce? by Susan Ingram

{Read in 1:10 minutes}  A mediation colleague of mine, Rachel Alexander, recently posted an excellent blog explaining why mediation is the best process for divorcing couples, especially when each of the parties is at a different stage of wanting, or not wanting, the divorce.

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The Gray Divorce – Part 2

The Gray Divorce - Part 2 by Susan Ingram

{4:12 minutes to read}  In my last blog, I wrote about the general phenomenon of the Gray Divorce. This trend is continuing to grow as adults in their 50s, 60s and older divorce their spouses, frequently after many years of marriage. There are unique issues that need to be addressed by a couple that decides to divorce at this later stage of life.

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