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Whatever Happened to Civility?

Whatever Happened to Civility? by Susan Ingram

{3:06 minutes to read}     I’ve been thinking a lot recently about Civility, especially with everything that’s been going on in the U.S. political arena and the stark difference between the two presidential candidates. I suspect that young people today may not even recognize the word or know what being “civil” actually means. It has fallen out of use in today’s world.

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Spring Cleaning and My New Website

Spring Cleaning and My New Website by Susan Ingram

{2:36 minutes to read}  

I enjoy creating rituals for certain events or times in my life. For many people, including myself, spring is often a time to clean-up, certainly in our personal lives. My old website had been in existence for over 7 years, so this year I decided to extend the clean-up to my website, and to roll it out this spring. For sure, much has changed since that time, both in my professional life and also with respect to advancements in technology.

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Are You Sure You’re Really Listening?

Are You Sure You’re Really Listening? by Susan Ingram

{3:00 minutes to read}  This subject, Listening, is one that is near and dear to my heart. True communication requires meaningful conversation and dialogue between people. The cornerstone of that is Listening.

My title harkens back to another blog I wrote several months ago, entitled “Are You Really Listening?” In that blog, I described the five separate symbols that comprise the Chinese character for the word Listening—the symbols for ears, eyes, mind, heart and undivided attention.

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Thoughts on Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Thoughts on Thanksgiving and Gratitude By Susan Ingram

{4:36 minutes to read}  Here I am sitting at my computer on the night before the Thanksgiving holiday trying to pull together my divergent thoughts and find the appropriate words to write this blog on the subject of Gratitude. I’m finding this task especially challenging this year, given the events over the past two weeks beginning with the terror attacks in Paris. Everything we hear and read in the news seems to underscore the violence, despair and fear that exist throughout the world. On a global scale, it’s hard for me, and I’m sure many others, not to feel overwhelmed by the sheer negativity of these events.

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Children and Chronic Illness: Type 1 Diabetes

Children and Chronic Illness: Type 1 Diabetes By Susan Ingram

{4:30 minutes to read}  The NY Times recently published a detailed article on how school systems in the U.S. are failing to adequately care for students with Type 1 diabetes. What an eye-opener this was! And it’s because I know quite a bit about this subject that it was even more of an eye opener for me. How did I come to be so knowledgeable about this issue? Here is a little background information.

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Curls of Wisdom: Trusting in the Process

Curls of Wisdom: Trusting in the Process By Susan Ingram

{3:06 minutes to read}  I have naturally curly hair. Of course, in my youth I always wanted long straight locks. The type that when you flirtingly tilted your head would gracefully cascade to the side. Or that you could sweep into a beautiful chignon with just a few flicks of your wrist. But, alas, that was not to be. Thank goodness, I came to terms with this by my early ‘30s, when I started to really enjoy my natural curls.

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What’s So Special About a Roundabout?

{3:02 minutes to read}  My mind has been focused on “roundabouts” for the past several weeks. This might sound strange, but there’s really a good reason for it. First of all, I happened upon an intriguing article in the NY Times about a month ago on the increasing use of roundabouts in the U.S. And then, over the past two weeks I’ve been vacationing in Europe, which is the ‘birthplace’ of the modern roundabout. So I’ve had an opportunity to see and enjoy many of these engineering designs up-close during my travels.

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Mediation and the Tale of the Single Lemon

{2.48 minutes to read}  In my last blog article, I described my frustration with lawyers and other professionals who undervalue the skills and experience that go into making a good mediator.  As I continued to contemplate this subject, I remembered an excellent “story” I had been told early in my mediation training days to illustrate one of the key principles of mediation.

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