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Coming to Mediation

Divorcing couples often ask – when is the right time for us to proceed with mediation? There is no one set answer to this question. First of all, it is rarely the situation that both husband and wife are at the exact same stage of accepting that their marriage has ended or is about to end. Typically, one of the parties has thought more about ending the marriage and is thus the “initiator.” Although the signs might have been there for some time, the other party may not be prepared and may even be surprised by this turn of events.

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What are the different child custody arrangements?

Parents who are divorcing, and who have children, must address two separate and important issues up front: who will have legal custody of the children and who will have physical custody of the children. Depending upon the circumstances, legal custody and physical custody may be awarded to one parent solely, or to both parents jointly.

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Divorce Mediation and Children

Divorce is an emotional time for everyone who goes through it.

When most people think of divorce, they think of long, painful litigation on top of the already painful emotions they are experiencing as a result of the separation from their life partner. Mediation provides an alternative approach that is good for parents, and especially beneficial for their children.

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