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What are the Foundational Requirements for Mediation?

{2:48 minutes to read}  When you take it down to the bare bones, there are really only two essential elements that must be present in order for a mediation to be viable and ultimately productive: Willingness to Dialogue and Full Disclosure.

Willingness to Dialogue

First, there needs to be a basic willingness to come together and talk to each other.

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5 Key Elements of the Mediation Process

Susan Ingram, Esq of discusses the divorce mediation process and a mediator's role in it.

{2:48 minutes to read}  There are two principal aspects to the role a mediator plays when helping couples going through divorce mediation. One has to do with the process and the other has to do with the substance.

Process relates to the framework and ground rules that are established by the mediator so that the necessary conversations can take place and move along, ultimately to resolution.

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6 Basic Tips for Handling Conflict

6 Basic Tips for Handling Conflict by Susan Ingram

{3:06 minutes to read}  While conflict in our lives is inevitable, how we handle it is ultimately our choice. That’s true whether we’re dealing with conflict in our private lives (with our partner, children, other family members, friends) or in our work lives (with our colleagues or other professionals).

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How Do I Tell My Spouse I Want a Divorce?

How Do I Tell My Spouse I Want a Divorce? by Susan Ingram

{4:24 minutes to read}  Not infrequently, when someone first calls me to discuss the possibility of divorce mediation, they will mention that they have not yet brought up the subject with their spouse. The caller (the initiating spouse) typically describes a marriage that has not been good for some time; the marriage no longer works for him or her and it needs to come to an end.

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Why is Mediation Often the Best Choice for Divorcing Couples?

Divorce and family mediator, Susan Ingram, shares her 9 top reasons she chooses divorce mediation over litigation.

{4:06 minutes to read}  There are many reasons for couples to choose to mediate their divorce as opposed to proceeding with a contested/litigated process. Below I discuss the top 9 reasons why divorce mediation is typically the best choice:

1. Expense: Mediation is much less costly than litigation.

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I’m Right — and You’re Wrong!

I’m Right — and You’re Wrong! by Susan Ingram

{2:36 minutes to read}

I just attended a monthly peer group meeting with my mediation colleagues. One of the subjects that came up, and generated a lively discussion, was the need we humans have “to be right.” Which typically means that the other person must be wrong when he or she doesn’t agree with us.

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What Happens When Only One Person Wants the Divorce?

What Happens When Only One Person Wants the Divorce? by Susan Ingram

{Read in 1:10 minutes}  A mediation colleague of mine, Rachel Alexander, recently posted an excellent blog explaining why mediation is the best process for divorcing couples, especially when each of the parties is at a different stage of wanting, or not wanting, the divorce.

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What are the 4 Elements of Divorce?

What are the 4 Elements of Divorce? by Susan Ingram

{3:30 minutes to read}  When most people are going through a divorce they don’t think about the various elements that come into play during this difficult process. They are often overwhelmed with emotions (anger, resentment and sadness, among them) that come up during this extremely difficult time of their lives.

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