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Finding the Parenting Plan That Is the “Right Fit”

Finding the Parenting Plan That Is the “Right Fit” by Susan Ingram

{2:48 minutes to read}   I received a call earlier this week from Jane*, a potential mediation client. During our chat, I proceeded to describe the mediation process and the issues we would be addressing. When I asked Jane if she had any specific concerns she would like me to address, she revealed that she was worried about the tentative parenting arrangement she had worked out with her husband for their 5-year-old son, Benjamin*.

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Thoughts on Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Thoughts on Thanksgiving and Gratitude By Susan Ingram

{4:36 minutes to read}  Here I am sitting at my computer on the night before the Thanksgiving holiday trying to pull together my divergent thoughts and find the appropriate words to write this blog on the subject of Gratitude. I’m finding this task especially challenging this year, given the events over the past two weeks beginning with the terror attacks in Paris. Everything we hear and read in the news seems to underscore the violence, despair and fear that exist throughout the world. On a global scale, it’s hard for me, and I’m sure many others, not to feel overwhelmed by the sheer negativity of these events.

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Children and Chronic Illness: Type 1 Diabetes

Children and Chronic Illness: Type 1 Diabetes By Susan Ingram

{4:30 minutes to read}  The NY Times recently published a detailed article on how school systems in the U.S. are failing to adequately care for students with Type 1 diabetes. What an eye-opener this was! And it’s because I know quite a bit about this subject that it was even more of an eye opener for me. How did I come to be so knowledgeable about this issue? Here is a little background information.

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Co-Parenting vs. Parallel Parenting: Which Approach Is Best for Your Family?

Co-Parenting vs. Parallel Parenting: Which Approach Is Best for Your Family? By Susan Ingram

{3:02 minutes to read}  In my last blog, I talked about some of the challenges that separating and divorcing couples face when they are putting together a parenting plan for their children. Now I would like to explore the two basic approaches that parents can take when creating their parenting plans. One is referred to as Cooperative Parenting and the other as Parallel Parenting.

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Divorcing Couples and the Parenting Plan Balancing Act

Divorcing Couples and the Parenting Plan Balancing Act By Susan Ingram

{3:18 minutes to read}  For separating and divorcing parents, often the biggest concern they have is how their children will fare through this difficult process and going forward.

While none of us can look into our crystal ball and predict the future, it is clear from research that the #1 factor that causes harm to the children of divorcing couples is the amount of conflict between their parents. The more intense the conflict, the greater the likelihood of harm to the children.

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The Children’s Bill of Rights

The Children’s Bill of Rights By Susan Ingram

{3:42 minutes to read}  Many of the couples I see in my divorce mediation practice have children. Not surprisingly, I find that some parents are more able than others to keep their conflict separate from their relationship with the children. Understandably, this is no small feat, given all of the emotions, anxieties and fears that can arise during this challenging transition from married to separated/divorced.

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My Top 9 Picks for Choosing Divorce Mediation

Divorce and family mediator, Susan Ingram, shares her 9 top reasons she chooses divorce mediation over litigation.

{Time to Read: 3 3/4 minutes}  There are many reasons for a couple to choose to mediate their divorce. Here are My Top 9 Picks (in no particular order):

1. Expense: Mediation is much less costly than litigation. With mediation, the parties are paying just one professional – the mediator – to facilitate the process. In litigation, both parties have to pay the fees of each of their own attorneys as well as many additional fees and costs that are directly related to the litigation process.

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How Can Parents Address Relocation Issues in Divorce Mediation?

NYC divorce and family mediator, Susan Ingram, discusses how mediation can help couples in post-divorce parenting, specifically when a parent may have to relocate.

{Time to Read: 3.5 mins}  An important issue that divorcing couples with children need to discuss during mediation is where they will each be living and whether or how that will affect their ability to be with their children on a regular basis. This is so whether the parents have designated one of them as the primary residential parent, or whether they are sharing residential custody 50/50.

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What’s the Best Custody Arrangement for Children When Their Parents Divorce?

NY divorce and family mediator, Susan Ingram, explains legal and residential custody and how it's worked out in a family and child-centric manner during divorce mediation.

{Time to Read: 4 mins}  There’s certainly no one-size-fits-all when my divorcing couples are discussing the residential custody of their children and the parenting arrangements that reflect the specifics of how this will be handled. But before I proceed, I would like to clarify the concept of custody as it applies in divorce.

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A Valuable Resource for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities

NYC Divorce and Family Attorney/Mediator, Susan Ingram, discusses her role in advocating for children with learning disabilities and provides a good resource for parents.

In addition to my work as a family and divorce attorney/mediator, I’ve been involved in the non-profit world for more than 20 years helping children and young adults who have learning disabilities (LD). As often happens with people, I knew nothing about this subject until it touched me personally – when my son, Scott, was diagnosed with dyslexia, the most common form of LD, at the age of seven.

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