Co-Parenting Vs Parallel Parenting [VIDEO]

What is the Difference Between Co-Parenting and Parallel Parenting? By Susan Ingram

When parents are separated or divorced, there are two basic approaches that describe the way
they’re raising their children:

  • Cooperative or Co-Parenting
  • Parallel Parenting

These approaches are very different and are actually at opposite ends of the parenting spectrum. To decide which approach will work best for a couple, we look at two criteria:

  • How well the parents get along; and
  • How well they communicate with one another.

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One response on “Co-Parenting Vs Parallel Parenting [VIDEO]

  1. Eli Uncyk

    Susan- Your video about coparenting and parallel parenting was very helpful in underlining the ways parents with “joint custody” can actually implement the otherwise undefined term. Your terms can be included in a working definition of “joint custody.” Thank you for sharing your experience. —Eli.

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