Further Thoughts on Mediation and the Japanese Art of Kintsugi

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Recently, I published an article entitled Mediation and the Japanese Art of Kintsugi. In my article I shared a wonderful metaphor of beauty and strength, demonstrated by the “golden” repairs the old Japanese masters made to their bowls and other pottery when these pieces were damaged.

In a comment on my blog, a colleague asked if I was familiar with the song “Japanese Bowl,” written by Peter Mayer. I was not and immediately went to the link he provided.

I was so touched by the music and its lyrics that I wanted to share this additional information with you. To watch the video, just click on the video link below. The lyrics are printed below.

I hope you appreciate the message in the lyrics and enjoy the video as much as I did!

Japanese Bowl
By Peter Mayer
(from the album Heaven Below)

I’m like one of those Japanese bowls
That were made long ago
I have some cracks in me
They have been filled with gold

That’s what they used back then
When they had a bowl to mend
It did not hide the cracks
It made them shine instead

So now every old scar shows
From every time I broke
And anyone’s eyes can see
I’m not what I used to be

But in a collector’s mind
All of these jagged lines
Make me more beautiful
And worth a much higher price

I’m like one of those Japanese bowls
I was made long ago
I have some cracks you can see
See how they shine of gold

Further Thoughts on a Japanese Bowl by Susan Ingram

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One response on “Further Thoughts on Mediation and the Japanese Art of Kintsugi

  1. Rosa

    Yes, Susan. It is a beautiful video and the lyrics. I showed your post to my students in a mediation training. It is an amazing way to manage the broken relationships in a conflict and show people that the past can´t be changed, but they can make great changes for the future and, like the song says, be better and prettier.

    Thank you for your insights


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