Mediation Helps Couples Successfully Untangle Their Lives

Mediation Helps Couples Successfully Untangle Their Lives by Susan Ingram

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“Never cut what you can untie.”

Joseph Joubert, French essayist

This aphorism came to my attention recently when one of my colleagues was giving a presentation at our annual conference for the NYS Council on Divorce Mediation. I was immediately struck by the wisdom contained in its 6 simple words. I’m sure the writer wasn’t thinking of mediation when he wrote these words (he lived in the mid 18th through early 19th centuries), yet I find that it fits perfectly with the concept and process of my work as a mediator.

What do these words convey to me about mediation? That instead of looking at relationships, issues, etc. as though they need to abruptly be cut or severed without further discussion or insight, we should take time to “untie” them in a manner that encourages understanding and better resolution. Of course, the latter is what we do in mediation.

With this thought in mind, I invite you now to read my earlier blog, Untangling Lives: The Divorce Mediation Process, on how mediation helps couples to separate/untangle their lives and thus constructively move forward. I specifically address the 3 most important areas in mediation to which this concept applies: untangling finances, untangling emotions, and untangling parenting issues.

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