Can a Mediator be Omnipartial?

Divorce and Family Mediator, Susan Ingram, discusses maintaing impartiality while keeping parties balanced and informed during the mediation process.

{1:00 minute to read}

I explained in my last article that I would be reposting two earlier blogs on the subject of mediator impartiality, since this topic is of great interest to clients and professionals alike. The second blog was entitled “Can Mediators be Impartial and Address an Imbalance of Power?

I describe my role of mediator as being omnipartial toward all of the parties. In other words, I am equally partial toward each of the participants. It is my job to make sure that each person is able to make knowledgeable and informed decisions.

Read more by clicking on the link above, and see how this plays out, especially when there is an imbalance of power between the participants.

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