Spring Cleaning and My New Website

Spring Cleaning and My New Website by Susan Ingram

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I enjoy creating rituals for certain events or times in my life. For many people, including myself, spring is often a time to clean up, certainly in our personal lives. My old website had been in existence for over 7 years, so this year I decided to extend the clean-up to my website, and to roll it out this spring. For sure, much has changed since that time, both in my professional life and also with respect to advancements in technology.

My initial trigger for redoing my website was to make it user-friendly for any platform a person might employ in their online search (cell phone, tablet, etc.). However, I quickly realized that this update also gave me an opportunity to revisit my professional and personal values, and to ensure that my website met those standards. So, this exercise in effect became a wonderful self-coaching experience for me.

While I kept the same feel and tone for my website, I wanted to reinforce certain concepts that would give a greater understanding of who I am and what information I wanted to convey.

  • Energy
    I’ve selected a new header image, a bright red bridge in a beautiful garden setting, which conveys both a sense of energy and vibrancy as well as a feeling of calm and peacefulness.
  • Simplicity
    I prefer to have a relatively “simple” site, in which the navigation is easy to follow and there’s no overload of visual materials. It’s always been important to me to present content, even if it’s complicated, in an easily understandable manner.
  • Information-sharing
    I’ve written quite a few blog articles over the past 4 years. With the revamping of my website, I had the opportunity to cross-reference them so that other related articles would be easier to find. So now I’ve updated my categories list and also added four related posts at the end of each of my blog articles.

I’d welcome your feedback on the changes to my website as well as any suggestions for the future, so please feel free to leave comments in the box below.

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